Why LOA?


Enter coupon code 'WINTERFUN' at checkout to save 10%

*a portion of all proceeds will be reserved to spread love to those in need

Crusin the city?

love one another

Taking rideshare???

Going out and about???

Love that your brand helps those in need

Kirsten M.

Best mask ever. period.

Miles S.

Small acts, multiplied, change the world. Wearing a LOA mask is a small act with a big purpose. I feel good every time I put one on

Katharine M.

breathable and comfortable

Tom H.

an all day wear mask

Steve C.

Comfortable, washable, and, dare I say, stylish! It's an all-around great mask at a very reasonable price

Aaron H.

Hitting The Slopes???

LOA Masks are perfect for your next mountain adventure!!!